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From 1982 onward Canadian provinces were undergoing a conversion of property assessment standards in favour of market value assessments. Rickard Realty Advisors Inc., centered in Alberta branched out to a dozen affiliated offices in meeting the need for this type of consulting services. Many clients requested the services of a company that would pursue fairness and equity in municipal assessment, often in more than one location. In light of the thousands of appeals being filed annually by Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. the company developed a computer assisted mass appraisal system (CAMA). The result of extensive appeal experience, the coordinating of evidence and expert witnesses and the recouping of millions of property tax dollars, Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. has evolved into a specialized firm in the area of property consulting.

There are three areas of expertise available from Rickard Realty Advisors Inc., property tax assessment review and appeals, dispute resolution and real estate consulting. Provision of specialized assessment review services from one office in Calgary is now one of the companies main focuses. Arbitration and mediation services are also available, a logical extension of the negotiating and appearances at oversight committees. There are costs in educating the judicial system about specialized real estate concerns that can be avoided with the settlement of the dispute through Arbitration or by mutual agreement under the terms of a guided mediation.

Unusual real estate situations often call for the specialized skill set available from Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. When an airport was being built the local assessors overestimated the value prior to extensive approvals being set in place and Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. was able to help reduce the assessment. An airport from the Second World War was being utilized for industrial storage and manufacturing. Again the assessment process needed assistance in calculating the market value of the property. In another situation Rickard was consulted when a pulp and paper town was being decommissioned and a value of the remaining buildings was necessary for a pending sale. When lead contamination was discovered in the lands around the homes of a 130 lot residential subdivision help was provided by Rickard to first determine the value or the properties for purchase and then inspections for acquisition.

People who use our services

  ~ Property Owners and Investors
  ~ Property Managers
  ~ Asset Managers
  ~ Trustees and Receiver Managers
  ~ People Interested in Assessment and Property Tax Policy
  ~ Owners and Managers requiring a condensed form of appraisal

What Clients Say About Us...

"The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of your staff have resulted in successful reductions in our taxes exceeding "$150,000".  Your knowledge of successful arguments at the Board levels and your in-depth research has made a difference in achieving reductions for our hotels and multi-family projects"

"We were very impressed by the efficient way your company handled the settlement of the inflated charges with the City"

"I have no hesitation in recommending Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. for property tax appeals considering that we have seen tax savings of over $200,000 in our real estate portfolio"

"I attended the Court appearance with her (Rickard Tax Agent) and was impressed by the attention to detail and retention of facts that assisted her in achieving the reduction in taxes for our office. We were pleased with her willingness and calm expertise"

"Not only do we appreciate the economical benefit to our company, but we also appreciate your efficient service and exceptional attention to detail."

"She (Rickard Tax Agent) was very knowledgeable and efficient in dealing with tax assessment issues. She was very successful in lowering the tax assessment for us."

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