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Dispute Resolution

Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. has increasingly been called upon in the area of dispute resolution for real estate related matters. At present it represents about one third of the firm’s services. This is due in part to the literally thousands of tribunal appearances associated with property tax assessment reviews but also to our work in the area of real estate consulting / litigation support. The most compelling force however has been the interest of the firm’s president in resolving disputes without the need to go to Court. Arbitrations and mediations are alternative ways for people with a dispute to solve it without going to court. We are experienced professionals with specialized training in resolving disputes. We abide by the codes of conduct for the Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society. We can guide a client to arrive at their own solution (mediation) or if preferred, we can decide the matters in dispute for you (arbitration).

The advantages of mediation and arbitration are that the process can be informal, quick, and private and performed at a reasonable cost. The hearing can take place anywhere: in your home, in your office, at the site of the dispute or wherever the parties mutually agree. It is quick because the appointed arbitrators and mediators are committed to making arrangements for resolving the dispute without delay, often within 30- 60 days, and sometimes less. The privacy of the hearing is important, only the people having the dispute need know about it. And then there is the cost. Costs will vary depending on the kind of dispute and the time it takes. Included are the mediator’s or arbitrator’s fees and disbursements. The costs are usually shared by both parties to the dispute. There are no legal fees unless a lawyer is asked to help. We’d be pleased to quote on our professional fee.

Some examples of arbitrations include new home disputes between the homeowner and builder, condominium disputes between the owner and the Condominium Corporation, landlord and tenant disputes involving rental increases, parking provisions or reserve fund allocations. In fact an arbitration or mediation can be used to resolve any dispute within the jurisdiction of the Provincial Court of Alberta Civil Division including small claims matters. Mediations and arbitrations can deal with disputes involving any amount of money. Arbitration and mediation is available to both individuals or companies.

Arbitration or mediation … a simple solution to a dispute.

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