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Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. was formulated as an appraisal firm specializing in property tax reviews and general valuations, in 1983. Since then real estate consulting has taken on increasing significance. The following case studies indicate the range of our interest in unique consulting assignments.

Ocean Falls British Columbia was a decommissioned pulp and paper town on a deep water harbour on the ruggedly scenic and equally inaccessible west coast of Canada. We were asked to assist in the valuation of the remaining assets of the self contained town which our client wanted to purchase for a religious retreat / fishing centre. A 13 Kilowatt hydro electric generating station, a deep water harbour and a contract to sell fresh water from the power station’s reservoir to Japanese interests were issues to be considered in the valuation.

When post tension cables came under disrepute in Calgary and the extent of the value loss became a relevant consideration in a 200 million dollar office building litigation, Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. was asked to provide its valuation services. After interviewing numerous people with experience in the area of post tension repairs, a questionnaire was written and circulated to over 50 local property managers. They were interviewed to gather evidence of any value loss due to stigma associated with post tension cable construction. The findings were of value in a wider context due to the absence of detailed research in this area and the findings were published in the December 1999 edition of the Assessment Journal (International Association of Assessing Officers). The study also was published in a compendium of value loss / stigma related articles known as Issues Confronting Properties Affected by Contamination or Environmental Problems (International Association of Assessing Officers - 2002).

Working with clients by listening to their needs and delivering a cost effective solution is paramount to the success of our real estate consulting firm and vital in consulting assignments of unique or troubled properties. We at Rickard Realty Advisors Inc. pride ourselves in weighing your needs and costs to arrive at a desirable result.

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